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  Control Panel - Introduction And Demo
All Efficient Hosting accounts include a powerful, and easy to use, web based Control Panel.

Your Control Panel allows you to manage all aspects of your UK web hosting account, using a simple "point-and-click" interface within your web browser.

Most of the options available within your Control Panel are listed below.

You can try out many of these options yourself using our Demo account Control Panel.
  Control Panel Options
  • View detailed graphical statistics about visitors to your site.
  • Manage your e-mail accounts (POP3 inboxes, aliases/forwarding, auto responders, intelligent (anti-spam) mail blocking and mailing lists).
  • Password protect folders within your site.
  • Web based e-mail (send and check e-mail whilst away from your home or office).
  • Upload, create, edit, copy, rename and delete files and directories using our web based File Manager.
  • Install a selection of ready provided CGI Scripts (eg visitor counter, internal site search engine, form to e-mail, guest book).
  • Easily keep track of how much of your account resources you are using (disk space, data transfer, e-mail POP3 inboxes, etc.).
  • Add up to 24 (depending on your plan) sub domains under your master domain (eg name.yourdomain.co.uk).
  • Create your own customised Error Pages to replace the standard "404 File Not Found" style page.
  • Download your raw access logs in order to analyse them using your choice of offline web statistics program.
  • Install and manage MySQL Databases.
  • Automatically submit your site to over 30 major Search Engines and check your Search Engine rankings.
  • Change your account and e-mail passwords.
  • Connect to your account through SSH Telnet.
  • Manage both Anonymous FTP and password protected FTP Accounts.
  • Associate file extensions with program types (browser-side MIME types and server-side Apache handlers).
  • Conveniently download a compressed daily backup of your site.
  • Confirm network reliability using our network troubleshooting utilities.
  • Set up cron jobs to run automatically at given time intervals using a web interface to the crontab program.
A full list of the many Control Panel options, with documentation on using each one, is available in our Support Centre. Which particular options become available to you depends on which website hosting Plan you sign up for.
  Control Panel Demo

To try out a working demo of our Control Panel, simply click here.
You may need to enter demo as both the account User Name and Password if prompted. When you are finished, simply close the Control Panel browser window to return to this page.

Some of the options in the demo account have been disabled or restricted for security reasons.

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