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Welcome to the Control Panel section of the Efficient Hosting Support Manual where you will find instructions on administrating your UK web hosting account with the various Control Panel options.
The links in this section are as follows;
Introduction : Accessing Your Control Panel : Control Panel Options By Category : Demo Control Panel
Your Control Panel allows you to manage all aspects of your website hosting account, using a simple "point-and-click" interface within your web browser. Your online Visitor Statistics are also available here. A full list of Control Panel options, with links to documentation on using each one, is given in the Control Panel Options By Category section below.

There are two main components to the Control Panel:

The main section of the Control Panel contains all of the Options available to you.

Account Information
The section on the right hand side of your screen shows how much of your resources (such as email accounts, disk space, data transfer/bandwidth, etc.) you have used.

Control Panel
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  Accessing Your Control Panel
You can access your Control Panel by typing into the address bar of your browser. Once your domain registration or transfer is completed you may instead access your Control Panel by typing into your browser (replacing with your own domain name).

Before gaining full access to your Control Panel you will be prompted for your User Name and Password, for security reasons.

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  Control Panel Options By Category
"Options" are the tools and utilities which give you true control over your account and web pages.

Which of the many Options are actually accessible to you depends on which particular Hosting Plan you signed up for.

The following table covers all of the possible Control Panel options, broken down by category.
Simply click an Option if you would like to learn more about it and you will be taken to the appropriate section of our Control Panel documentation.

Analysis And Log Files   Account Management Tools   Site Management Tools
Web/FTP Statistics
Latest Visitors
Error Logs
Site Search Engine Rankings
Error Logs
Raw Access Logs
Mail Manager
Web Mail
Add/Remove E-mail Accounts
Default E-mail Address
E-mail Forwarders
Auto Responders
E-mail Blocking
Mailing Lists
Change Password
FTP Manager
Sub Domains
File Manager
Search Engine Submit
Custom Error Pages
Web Protect
Preinstalled Scripts & Scripting Tools   Advanced Tools   Support Tools
CGI Script Centre
Entropy Search Engine
Random HTML
Entropy Banner
MySQL Databases
Chat Room
Cron Jobs
Network Tools
Domain Lookup
Trace Route
Encrypted Telnet (SSH)
MIME Types
Apache Handlers
Support Centre
Online Manual
Submit Support Query
Useful Paths
Check Contact Address
Download Site Backup
  Demo Control Panel
If you don't already have an Efficient Hosting account, you may like to take a demo of our Control Panel for a "test run".
Click here for instructions on logging in to our demo account, where you can try out most of the Control Panel features for yourself.

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