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Welcome to the Support Tools section of the Efficient Hosting Control Panel support pages where you will find information about all aspects of using the available options.  
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Useful Paths : Download Site Backup
This page provides documentation of the Support Tools in your Control Panel.

For ease of use, we have split the documentation of the many Control Panel options into the following categories:

  1). Analysis And Log Files
  2). Account Management Tools
  3). Site Management Tools
  4). Pre-installed Scripts & Scripting Tools
  5). Advanced Tools
  6). Support Tools (this page)

For a complete list of Control Panel options, click here to return to the main Control Panel support page.
  Support Centre
For convenience, we have included a link to make our Support Centre directly accessable from within your Control Panel. Our Support Centre is made up of an extensive collection of help files, frequently asked questions and tutorials which should allow both beginners and advanced users alike to get the most from their accounts.
  Online Manual
For convenience, we have included a link to make our Online Manual directly accessable from within your Control Panel. This manual is one of the major components of our Support Centre.

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  Submit Support Query
For convenience, we have included a link to make the Enquiry Form on our Contact Page directly accessable from within your Control Panel. You may contact us at any time if you should need any help, either using this Enquiry Form or by e-mail. We do ask you to please consult the extensive online documentation in our Support Centre to see if your problem or query is already covered before contacting us.
  Useful Paths
For convenience, we have included a link to make the list of useful paths in our CGI And Perl support page directly accessable from within your Control Panel. These paths are particularly useful if you wish to write and/or install any CGI scripts.
  Download Site Backup
It is always good practice to backup your files in case the original files should become lost or damaged. All sites are automatically backed up on a daily basis but these automated backups are intended to supplement your own backups rather than replace them. In addition to backing up your local copy of your site you may also wish to make your own backup of your live site as it exists on the Efficient Hosting web servers. This can be particularly useful if your local copy of your site is no longer up to date. This can happen if some of your site content is generated dynamically on the server itself, through a guestbook or forum script, for example.

The Download Site Backup option allows you to download a single backup file containing a compressed copy of your entire site as it exists on the server. This backup file is updated daily and contains every file in your account space including your web site, your graphical visitor statistics (but not your raw access logs which can be downloaded separately) and various other system files, some of which may be hidden files.
In order to access individual files within the backup you will need to extract it after download using a utility such as Winzip.

Whilst the backup is in a compressed form to reduce the amount of storage space and download time required, please be aware that the file will still contain a backup of your entire account directory and so, depending on the size and popularity of your site, it may be a very large file to download.

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